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Ontario Sheet Metal Contractors Association, usually referenced by the acronym 'OSM' is a provincial not-for-profit trade association. OSM is an association of contractors whose affairs and activities are controlled by a board of directors comprised of contractor members or their appointed representative.



The Ontario Sheet Metal Training Centre offers:

  • A state-of-the-art, industry-funded facility in Oakville, Ontario.
  • Instruction from trainers who have many years of on-the-job experience and award-winning skills.
  • An opportunity to acquire and upgrade skills in a dynamic and growing trade.
  • Training in new and environmentally-responsible technologies.
  • Official apprenticeship training.
  • The Ontario Sheet Metal Training Centre opened in April 2007. It is the result of a joint venture between unionized sheet metal workers and their employer counterparts in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors of Ontario’s construction industry.

Mechanical Contractors Associatio of Ontario (MCAO) - The Association continues to represent the best interests and concerns of our membership through our involvement in ongoing/established activities; as well our development of and participation in several existing new initiatives - aimed at improving our industry/level of success in the future.

MCAT - Logo
The Mechanical Contractors Association of Toronto (MCAT) - the Association's mandate is to improve on existing industry practices, to build strength and unity within the industry and to provide policies and guidelines to enable Mechanical Contractors to plan and expand in the developing market of this industry

MCAO - Logo
The Mechanical Contractors Association of Ottawa (MCAO) - is an association working for the betterment and advancement of the unionized trades in the mechanical contracting industry. Our ICI contracting members are signatory to one or more of the following provincial collective agreements; MCAO/OPTC of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe fitting Industry of the United States and Canada


Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning  Contractors’ National Association's (SMACNA) mission is to provide products, services, and representation to enhance members' businesses, markets, and profitability.

Located in headquarters outside Washington, D.C., the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA), an international association of union contractors, has 1,834 members in 103 chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil.


NTCCC - Logo

The National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada (NTCCC) is currently made up of 12 trade organizations

The Coalition has determined that they will concentrated on the two priority issues: getting paid and getting paid promptly for work performed and the promotion of unaltered forms of industry accepted standard forms of contracts. 

The Coalition agreed to two formal working relationships. The first with the Construction Sector Council (CSC). The Coalition’s constituent member associations will be working with CSC on human resource issues that affect all contractors particularly those that are labour-intensive.  In addition, the Coalition agreed to a requested liaison with the Trade Contractors Council of the Canadian Construction Association as members of both organizations share common interests and concerns.

Management education is another topic that is of paramount interest to trade contractors and an agreement to share programs amongst constituent member associations has been established.


IH&SA - Logo

Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) is the leading developer and provider of prevention solutions for work environments involving high-risk activities such as working at heights, working with energized high-voltage power systems, powerline technician apprenticeship, driving motor vehicles, transporting dangerous goods, working on suspended access equipment, and utility line clearing.

For information about IHSA plan, view IHSA Strategic Plan

As part of Ontario health and safety system, we are recognized by the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board as designated trainers and consultants. So, you can be sure that the training you get from IHSA meets regulatory requirements and compliance standards.


The Construction Employers Coordinating Council of Ontario (CECCO) was established in 1979 by the unionized construction industry to coordinate collective bargaining on behalf of designated Employer Bargaining Agencies responsible for the negotiation of province-wide single-trade agreements applicable to the ICI sectors of the construction industry.

CECCO also serves as a common voice for unionized contractors on a wide range of issues including legislative reform and labour relations practices. CECCO is managed by an elected executive Committee who in turn appoint an Executive Negotiations Committee.


TCA Logo
The Toronto Construction Association (TCA) - the mandate, when it was formed in 1867, was to promote the highest possible standard of professionalism for it's stakeholders. That mandate remains unchanged. However, the industry has become infinitely more complicated during the last 140 plus years, and the scope and diversity of our services has grown to ensure we adequately service the entire ICI sector in the greater Toronto area.


The Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA) is a leading voice for the Ontario ICI and heavy civil construction industry with 32 member organizations representing more than 10,500 construction businesses and more than 400,000 employees. COCA is committed to proactively engaging our membership through our policy committees to provide a forum through which the Ontario construction industry identifies key provincial policy issues and develops consensus opinions.


OCS Logo
In business since June of 1993, the Ontario Construction Secretariat (OCS) is all about its’ partners! The twenty five organized building trade unions (wo rkers) and the signatory contractors (employers) of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) construction are the grass-root business partners comprising the OCS. 

Together with representatives from the Provincial Government, we form a tripartite organization intended to enhance the well being of organized ICI construction in Ontario.

The OCS is a facilitator promoting relationships and interactions among its’ component business partners to identify, research and inform regarding issues of common concern, including data to assess current and future construction market trends.

OCS seeks to facilitate an improved competitive position for our partners through upgraded knowledge, direct relations with buyers and owners, an enlightened fact-based public awareness and by encouraging our youth to become respected members of the unionized craft building trades.

UCW - Logo

Unionized Construction Works. FACT: The unionized construction industry has the best trained and most highly skilled workers and contractors in the entire industry. This means that major and minor projects alike benefit from the superiority of this workforce – better quality, commitment to safety and innovative best practices. All of this adds up to better long-term value for buyers of construction – just a few of the many reasons why Unionized Construction Works.


Helmets to Hardhats - Logo

Helmets to Hardhats Canada (H2H) has been incorporated in Canada as a Not for Profit Organization. It is similar to its sister H2H program in the United States, but is designed to provide an opportunity in Canada for anyone who has served (or is currently serving and looking to transition to a civilian career) in either the Regular or Reserve Force Components of the Canadian Forces. The program offers the required apprenticeship training to achieve journey person status in any of the applicable trades within the building and construction industry. Depending on existing qualifications and experience, the apprenticeship training process may be shortened or by-passed so as to enable a fast-tracked achievement of journeyperson status.


Ontario - Logo
Government of Ontario (Main Website). One in three Canadians calls Ontario home. Diverse cultural backgrounds make up this vibrant province, a magnet for industry, the arts and innovation. From its varied landscape, to thousands of lakes, to fantastic tourism spots, Ontario is a study in contrasts with much to offer. This section provides links to detailed information about the people, places and events in Ontario.

Ontario Ministry of Labour - Logo
Government of Ontario (Ministry of Labour) Established in 1919 to develop and enforce labour legislation, the Ministry of Labour's mission is to advance safe, fair and harmonious workplace practices that are essential to the social and economic well-being of the people of Ontario. Through the ministry's key areas of occupational health and safety, employment rights and responsibilities, labour relations and internal administration, the ministry's mandate is to set, communicate and enforce workplace standards while encouraging greater workplace self-reliance. A range of specialized agencies, boards and commissions assist the ministry in its work.

Ontario Ministry of Education - Logo
Government of Ontario (Ministry of Education) - the ministry that administers the system of publicly funded elementary and secondary school education in Ontario.The ministry's plan to promote a strong, vibrant, publicly funded education system is focused on three goals: high levels of student achievement; reduced gaps in student achievement; high levels of public confidence in public education.

Government of Ontario (Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development) - the ministry can help you get the education and training you need to build a rewarding career after high school. You can choose from university and college programs, apprenticeships and many other kinds of training and education. Through Employment Ontario, our employment and training network, we'll also help you build your career, and keep learning, throughout your working life. Employment Ontario connects people looking for work with employers looking for workers. It's your one-stop source of information about jobs, job search skills, training, education, and other services for employees and employers. Visit Employment Ontario online to learn more.

Ontario e-Laws - Logo

e-Laws - a database of Ontario's statutes and regulations, both consolidated and source law. The e-Laws database is updated continually. Specific information about the currency of consolidated law on e-Laws is contained within each consolidated statute and regulation. New source law is usually published on e-Laws within two business days.

Government of Ontario - Ministry of Labour - Occupational Health and Safety
Government of Ontario - Ministry of Labour - Occupational Health and Safety. The Occupational Health and Safety Act sets out the rights and duties of all parties in the workplace. Its main purpose is to protect workers against health and safety hazards on the job. The Act establishes procedures for dealing with workplace hazards, and it provides for enforcement of the law where compliance has not been achieved voluntarily. The guide to the Occupational Health and Safety Act explains what every worker, supervisor, employer, constructor and workplace owner needs to know about the Act. Almost every workplace in Ontario is covered by the Act and regulations. Chapter 3, Who is Covered by the Act? lists work and workplaces not covered. The Ministry works closely with its agencies, safe workplace associations (SWAs), worker training centres and clinics, and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. For more information about these organizations and other sources of health and safety information, see our list of occupational health and safety resources.

WSIB - Logo
The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) promotes workplace health and safety, and provides a workers compensation system for the employers and workers of Ontario. There is extensive information on this site about prevention, forms, health issues, return to work programs, and links to other health and safety organizations.

Government Canada - Logo

Government of Canada.

  • Structure of the Government of Canada Information on the Canadian ministry, Members of the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada, Hansard Index, Acts, Regulations, Orders in Council and more.
  • Intergovernmental Affairs Information on Canadian federalism and federal governance, particularly collaboration between the federal government and the governments of the provinces and territories.
  • Laws of Canada Provides access to Justice Canada's on-line resource for federal laws, statutes, acts and regulations.

The Canada Pension Plan - Logo
The Canada Pension Plan is a contributory, earnings-related social insurance program. It ensures a measure of protection to a contributor and his or her family against the loss of income due to retirement, disability and death. Your contributions to the Canada Pension Plan provide you with a stable and dependable pension you can build on for retirement. Your contributions also provide you and your dependents with basic financial protection if you become disabled or die.

Employment Insurance (EI) - Logo

Employment Insurance (EI) - provides temporary financial assistance for unemployed Canadians while they look for work or upgrade their skills. Canadians who are sick, pregnant or caring for a newborn or adopted child, as well as those who must care for a family member who is seriously ill with a significant risk of death, may also be assisted by Employment Insurance.

Canada  HRSDC - Logo

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) - a department of the Government of Canada. HRSDC’s mission is to build a stronger and more competitive Canada, to support Canadians in making choices that help them live productive and rewarding lives, and to improve Canadians’ quality of life.

Sheetmetalworld - Logo is a site providing Internet-related services and information to/for the sheet metal fabrication industry. Created in 1999, the site receives hundreds of thousands of visitors per month from all over the globe. In addition to our marketing activities in general printed media, ensures that users can find us easily via both search engines and other industry-relevant sites. We also own many industry-relevant domain names which capture additional traffic from search engines and direct URL input.

Metal Web News - your Graphical On-Line Guide to Metalworking Metal Web News is the graphic WWW area of the UseNet Discussion Group

Sheet Metal Guy - Logo
Sheet Metal Guy - was formed to help increase the productivity of sheet metal designers and manufacturers through education. As a publisher of books and other materials, the company's primary focus is to provide high quality, cost effective, training for the design and manufacture of sheet metal parts and assemblies. Sheet Metal Guy, LLC is focused on designing easy to understand, self-paced training books for all knowledge levels of 3D CAD software users.

Mesothelioma Fund/ Mesothelioma victims are awarded compensation faster through trust funds over the lawsuit process. More than $30 billion is in asbestos trust funds today for injured patients and their families. Accessing trust funds is made less complicated with a trust-fund attorney.
How Trust Funds Work. Funds are deposited into a trust. A trustee is appointed to decide on the financial awards for victims and their families, based on predetermined criteria. Evidence required to get compensation includes a diagnosis, places of exposure and products involved.

Sheet Metal Guy - Logo is a website and advocacy group that helps the victims of asbestos exposure and their loved ones. We connect our visitors with the resources they need to understand and fight asbestos-related disease, all at no cost. We research the latest data about asbestos and asbestos-related diseases to ensure an accurate, up-to-date site, and we maintain relationships with doctors and cancer centers to promote patient access to cutting-edge treatment. Our free services include: providing literature on asbestos and related diseases; providing access to our on-staff nurse; matching patients up with qualified doctors in their area; managing a support group for asbestos victims and their families; helping veterans receive VA benefits for asbestos diseases; educating the public about Social Security disability and legal options; and much more.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is passionate about Conquering Cancer in Our Lifetime. In January 2017, we successfully achieved our Billion Dollar Challenge, a historic five-year campaign securing more than $1 billion, in partnership with Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, for personalized cancer medicine. With the funds and the generosity of our community of supporters, we are now in the early days of delivering on our promise of Personalized Cancer Medicine.

Canada 411 - Logo
Canada 411 - Yellow Pages Group (YPG) is Canada’s leading local commercial search provider and largest directory publisher. YPG has been an industry leader since it published its first directory in 1908. The Company is the official publisher of Bell Canada’s directories. YPG is also the official publisher of Telus’ directories, as well as of a number of other incumbent telephone company directories that have a leading market share in their respective markets.

Canada Post - Logo

Canada Post is a national company dedicated to providing Canadians with reliable, affordable and universal service. Canada Post is committed to working with all of its employees and their unions to ensure labour stability and continued growth for Canada Post.

Canada Post plays a major role in the Canadian economy.

  • Canada Post is one of the largest corporations in Canada in terms of revenue.
  • The Canada Post Group, with almost 72,000 employees, is among the top 10 employers in every province and territory. It provides over $10 billion in labour income and consequently, more than $1.4 billion in federal and $1.1 billion in provincial personal income taxes. It also provides more than $720 million in corporate taxes.
  • Canada Post's expenditures in purchases of goods and services support an additional 45,200 jobs in Canada's economy.

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The Weather Network - Logo
The Weather Network (Ontario) is committed to delivering weather information to our consumers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, across all platforms – TV, web, desktop and mobile. And our forecasts go beyond providing Canadians with information to plan their daily activities; The Weather Network’s Commercial Services division offers complete weather solutions to market segments such as transportation, energy, municipalities and media.

Wikipedia - Logo

Wikipedia -web-based, free-content encyclopedia project based mostly on anonymous contributions. The name "Wikipedia" is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a type of collaborative Web site) and encyclopedia. Wikipedia's articles provide links to guide the user to related pages with additional information.

Google - Logo When you visit or one of more than 150 other Google domains, you can find information in many different languages (and translate between them), check stock quotes and sports scores, find news headlines and look up the address of your local post office or grocery store. You can also find images, videos, maps, patents and much more. With universal search technology, you can often find all of these things combined in one query. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin named the search engine they built "Google," a play on the word "googol," the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. The name reflects the immense volume of information that exists, and the scope of Google's mission: to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.