Ontario Government Launches New Incentive Program for Employers of Apprentices
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SMACNA Ontario has formalized the amalgamation of the five Ontario Chapters into one provincial organization. The following SMACNA Ontario members have been appointed to various committees of the new Chapter:

  • Bill Giffen (Giffen Canada) has been re-appointed to the Industrial Contractors Steering Committee;
  • Paul Dolan (Francis HVAC) was appointed to the Seismic Restraint Task Force;
  • Danny Dillon (Dilfo) renamed to the Technical Resources Committee; and,
  • Erin Oliver (Modern Niagara) re-appointed to the Health & Safety Committee.

Managed by the OSM board of directors, OSM encourages its local associations to promote, participate and host SMACNA events in their various regions.

Later this month, SMACNA will be announcing the 2018 Supervisory and Chapter Education programs available in 2018. SMACNA Ontario will be consulting with its local regions to determine preferred programs for the upcoming year.

In terms of educational guides manuals, the sixth edition of the Fire, Smoke and Radiation Damper Installation Guide for HVAC systems has been for public review. This will not be an ANSI manual, but rather a guide document.

Additional manuals and papers which will be issued in 2018 include the following:

  • Updated Seismic Restraint Manual;
  • Food Service Guidance Manual;
  • Testing & Balancing (TAB) Guidelines; TAB Procedural HVAC Duct Inspection Guide; and,
  • Grease Duct Construction tables.

For more information on SMACNA, please visit www.smacna.org